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Mission statement:

To alleviate poverty in the developing world through community and economic development, education, technical assistance and cross-cultural exchange. Using an approach designed to achieve sustainability, Global Community Innovations (GCI) engages with local communities in a cooperative effort to improve the quality of life for people living in poverty, especially by addressing the issues of water, sanitation, agriculture and job creation.


What we do:

GCI strives to exploit the free market as a means up helping people escape poverty rather than be victims of it. By identifying or designing locally produced affordable, income-generating technologies that help rural communities improve the quantity and quality of their crops we engage them in the local market and provide them with a sustainable way to improve their quality of life.

Nutrition and dietary diversity are critical components to this model. Income generation alone is not enough to break the cycle of poverty. The critical importance of proper nutrition cannot be underscored. By increasing the daily consumption of nutritious organic vegetables, each person affected has a better foundation from which to work, learn and progress.